PhD position: UNH Genomics

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The MacManes Lab at The University of New Hampshire is in search of a PhD student to work on a project aimed at understanding the genomic underpinnings of parental care in the Rock Dove. The successful candidate may have an undergraduate degree in Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or other disciplines. Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact me at

This work, done in collaboration with the Calisi Lab at Barnard College (Columbia University), will combine cutting edge techniques in neuroendocrinology with the analysis of high throughput sequencing data. Though this student will focus on genomics, receiving extensive training in bioinformatics, there will be opportunity for an extended visit to the Calisi lab to learn techniques in neuroendocrinology. I especially encourage students with diverse and non-traditional backgrounds to apply. Applications are be submitted to the UNH graduate school (, Deadline January 15).