Heading to the field!

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I’m heading to the field in a couple of days– super excited! Busy today trying to wrap up a few things on campus, and pack up supplies. This should be a great trip, and I have plans to collect some really interesting stuff.. In particular, I’m really excited about trying out the hand-held refractometer that ATAGO gave me to demo– extracting a bit of urine directly from the bladder of animals may be challenging, but this type of info on the physiologic status of individuals is exactly what I really need.

In addition to urine, I’m collecting more blood, which will be used for electrolyte analyses– again, this physiology data is super informative. I have more mouse cages as well, so I should be able to scale up the water supplementation experiments as well! When I get back, going to make RNAseq libraries STAT, as I’d love to include these data in upcoming job talk.

I’ll plan on posting some from the field, so stay tuned.