Lab News

September2016 Matt gives seminat at UC Berkeley

August2016 NSF CAREER and NSF DEB Full proposal Submitted

July2015 NIH proposal submittedQ!!

July2016 Matt heads to Austin for the Evolution Conference.

May2016 Taruna Graduates and gets a job at UC Riverside

April2016: Submitted the PALADIN paper ( and the P. eremicus physiology paper (

March2016: Taruna’s Geosmithia genome paper is accepted! See the preprint here:

January2016: Taruna submitted the 1st chapter (Geosmithia genome assembly) of her thesis for publication and to bioRxiv!

December2015: The Lab has release the Oyster River Protocol For Transcriptome Assembly. The protocol is here, and the preprint here, the blogpost here.

December2015: Lindsay submitted the Harmonia transcriptome paper, and posted it on bioRxiv.

December2015: The MacManes lab has graduated it 1st students, Congrats Lindsay Havens and good luck with the new job!!

Sept2015: a RNAseq-ing a more integrative understanding of animal behavior!

July2015: Full NSF proposal submitted to the NSF with Kyle Summers and Rasmus Nielsen in support of the Ranitomeya project.

May2015: a Optimizing error correction of RNAseq reads!

April2015: Matt gave a talk at the Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes. Université Laval Quebec.

April2015: Chris, Jenny and Kaelina presented at the UNH Undergraduate Research Conference!

April2015: Kaelina was awarded a very fancy summertime REAP fellowship to do summertime research

March2015: Matt was awarded a small Sea Grant Award to finish up the Mya genome.

February2015: The MacManes and Calisi Labs (Barnard College) together have been awarded a $1.1M NSF grant to study the neuroendocrine|neurogenomics of parental care.

February2015: Matt was interviewed for a Nature piece on social media!

February2015: Matt is giving a talk at East Carolina University

January2015: Kaelina has been admitted into the UNH honors program!!!!

January2015: The MacManes lab talks to the Oyster River Parents and Preschoolers group about science stuff!

January2015: 3 pre-proposals submitted to the NSF.. Mouse pop. genomics and 2 colab. projects on frogs and clams!

January2015: The MacManes lab has been invited to join the Oxford Nanopore minION Access Program! We\’ll work on mRNA sequencing.

January2015: Lauren, Lindsay, Kae, Taruna, and Matt are off to NYC for the Inaugural population genomics meeting!

December2014: The Whitepaper: New Frontiers for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior is out, with contributions from Matt

December2014: MacManes Lab celebrates christmas with good news from the NSF!!!

November2014: MacManes Lab hosts 5th graders from local middle school to do ladybug experiments!

October2014: PUBLISHED: Characterization of the transcriptome, nucleotide sequence polymorphism, and natural selection in the desert adapted mouse Peromyscus eremicus

October2014: Proposal to the Army has been submitted in support of the desert mouse project.

August2014: 2 full NSF proposals submitted. One in support of poison dart frog genomics, the other for rock dove neuro-social-genomics.

June2014: The lab travels to Evolution 2014! Lauren, Lindsay, and Matt all present!

May2014: Matt invited to be a Guest Lecturer at the MSU NGS course this summer.

May 2014: Matt is presenting twice at Evolution 2014 – desert mice and trimming mRNA seq reads.

May 2014: Grad Students Lindsay and Lauren are both presenting posters at Evolution 2014

May 20, 2014: Undergrad Researcher Jenny Dickson has been awarded 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence

April 2014: Undergrad researcher Chris Carroll has been awarded a Undergraduate Research Award (URA).