samtools consensus seq generation

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Instead of trying to squeeze this explanation into 140 characters, here is a short blog about the issue. I’ve posted the question to the samtools list serve, but no response there.

I am generating consensus sequences from a series of BAM files using the standard samtools command:

samtools mpileup -AIuf my.fasta my.bam | bcftools view -cgI – | vcf2fq > my.fq

What happens with the genotype is 50/50 is that instead of calling one of the bases, it instead uses an ambiguity code- R, Y, M, etc.. This is problematic for me, as those polymorphism are interesting, and the downstream work (aligning, testing for selection) cannot handle them.


  1. Is there a way to force samtools to call an nucleotide rather than an ambiguous base?
  2. Is there a better way to be generating these consensus sequences from BAM files?