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Well, it’s certainly been a long time since ive written anything here, and I won’t claim to be up you giving a full update now… besides, it seems that a grand total of 2 people look at this non-existant blog, and that includes me..

I guess this is that I get for trying to finish my PhD..

Anyways, I’m knee deep in Illumina data, having 2 lanes of mRNA-seq and another 2 of genomic dna.. For reasons of memory availability- i’v e been using ABySS, but have been trying to use SOAPdenovo, and RAY, and dreaming of VELVET..

The dissertation is coming along nicely… I’ve been working a lot with the program HYPHY for a lot of the positive selection stuff.. A few chapters competed this summer and submitted to journals… Lookls like im on track for a December 2010 finish.. 7 months from now!!

Oh yeah, Evolution meeting and a small by invitation only symposium in france in October…